Calling All the Locals to Float Together in Style!

Summer is here, and the hot weather is the perfect opportunity for all sorts of endless fun. Even though it is off-season in Florida, we have scoured some family-friendly activities for Delray Beach locals to have the time of their lives. Follow Delray’s latest summer campaign #KeepLocalsAfloat and share your favorite photos online so we can feature them. This photo was taken at our hotel where Chamber members and local businesses joined us in their work outfits to float around the Crane’s Beach House waterfall pool. We couldn’t think of a more exciting way to celebrate being part of such an active community. Who needs an office when there is so much to adventure in the area?

When was the last time you tried something new? Whether you realize it or not, most people spend their days doing things they’ve already done a hundred times before and rarely indulge in new experiences. Try putting on your travel glasses and take a fresh new perspective on places to visit, in your own backyard! The campaign #KeepLocalsAfloat was recently discussed during the Chamber’s Tourism Roundtable meeting as an idea to get locals to try something new in the area during the slow summer months. So, bring your family and friends with a sense of adventure to try out some of these unique activities we’ve gathered for you.  

Shark Feeding at Sandoway Discovery Center

The Sandoway Discovery Center offers a glimpse into South Florida’s fragile marine and freshwater environments through educational exhibits and programs.

Bring your family to Sandoway Discovery Center and watch how the experts feed live sharks. In case sharks aren’t fascinating enough, they feed alligators and stingrays too.

Vintage Pinball Challenge at Silverball Museum

The Pinball machine was the first coin-operated game in the world. Check out some vintage classics at the Silverball Museum and challenge your family and friends to a game or ten? You can even try the legendary Addams Family pinball machine from the early 90s. Enjoy playing all the incredibly diverse classic collection of arcade and pinball games in the coolest airconditioned space. Don’t forget to spoil yourself with some mouthwatering pizzas and chicken wings that they serve after all that fun.

Get Messy with Art Nest Delray

Let your imagination run wild and paint that limitless creativity at Art Nest Delray. You can even splash colors around with your kids and create funny sculptures or drawings for the rest of your family members. It would be a great gift to surprise them with. Children can come together to learn about sustainability by recycling and creating art from waste materials. Instead of friendship bracelets, why not make colorful high-quality jewelry filled with memories of a fun family day to last a lifetime.

Try the Most Unique Food with Craft Food Tours

It is always beneficial to skip one day at the gym and go on a delicious food tour instead. Even as a local, you would be surprised at how many things you haven’t tried yet. Craft Food Tours will take you to all the best places to experience new food and drinks that you will be raving about for the rest of the year.

Imagine escaping from home for a weekend just to relax by the pool and not have any chores to do. You can push that grocery list aside while we will serve all your food and drinks as you stay in bed or in a lounge chair all day long. With our unbeatably low summer deals for the perfect staycation, you can leave all your responsibilities behind and let us spoil you and your family. The best part about a staycation is that you will never arrive feeling jetlagged and can immediately dive in and have fun straight away.

Book an Exotic Staycation at Crane’s Beach House Boutique & Luxury Villas

You can treat yourself to the most affordable refreshing drinks and listen to live music during Happy Hour at Crane’s Tiki Bar. Join us from Thursdays to Saturday every week and sip the night away. Watch the sun go down with your feet up and forget all your troubles in an instant. We have planned the most exciting and pampering staycation deal that will convince you to make this an annual family tradition. Escape the ordinary and let us give you the most extraordinary summer that you will never forget.

These incredible businesses need your support this summer. And in return, they have the biggest surprises and the most fun activities planned for all Delray Beach families and friends. Most of these activities are indoors with the best air conditioning facilities so that you won’t even feel the heat at all. Summer is a great time to make some beautiful memories with loved ones. So help us bring the entire community together as we help each other stay afloat. We have reached out to our members and asked them to provide us with their best summer specials. You will find them on www.DelrayBeach.com/Float. Make sure to take lots of photos and upload them on social media using #KeepLocalsAfloat.