Artist Spotlight on Adam “Techa” Barnes

Reggae Artist. Adam aka “Teacha” has been singing for 25yrs and counting starting in the hayday of reggae . He started singing reggae when friends came from Jamaican with some records and fell in love with the culture. He bought a pa sound system then started djing reggae parties and performing with ” Ellis Island” and “Rythm Nation” mcing on Drum & Bass rhythms at raves and clubs. Adam has been on two Reggae legends albums with many of Reggaes legends Such as Steel Pulse, Gregory Isaacs, Toots, and many more.

Crane’s Beach House Tiki Bar Musicians’ Interview – Adam Barnes

Where did you grow up?
I grew up here in Delray from the age of 12

How long have you been singing at Crane’s BeachHouse Tiki Bar?
Over 3 years

Who inspired you to love music so much?
No one in particular. I can remember being a little boy and laying on the lawn and humming along with airplane noise. I also remember throughout my childhood everywhere my parents took me, I would ask or look for some kind of instrument. My mom also said even at the age of 2, she would find me in front of the TV watching Soul Train.

What is your favorite song of yours, and why?
“Different”- because of the lyrics and the way the world changes when we see things from a different perspective or a new paradigm shift.

What song was the most difficult for you to write?
None really, if it is difficult I give it space then come back to it when there is less resistance. Doing other peoples music is difficult. I don’t do it. I sing all originals and improvise between hook constructions during gigs.

If you were a musical instrument, which one would you be?
Probably a “Drumbassaxguitarkeyboard,” very rare and unique instrument. Ever heard of one?

What are the plans for the future of your musical career?
Enjoy the moment and continue to spread a positive message.

What advice do you have for young aspiring musicians?
It’s all about the journey not the destination. Sometimes you will find yourself in a musical situation that you always idealized or built up in your artistic imagination and not even enjoy it. Fame is an illusion and can be destructive to artistic creativity. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy the process that really all you have everything else is illusory.

What is your favorite hobby, besides music?
Is there anything besides making music? I had no idea. Fill me in please.

What is your favorite thing about singing at Crane’s Beach House Tiki Bar?
The staff and the low key vibe that lets it become a garden of creative flexibility.